Dream chasing can get tough, it can get discouraging especially if youve been swimming and haven't even gotten remotely closer to your island. This is for you, if youve gotten tired.

When you start swimming, you are strong, you are determined, and you feel like you can conquer the world. You have said goodbye to the shoreline behind you, and you face the waves ahead of you knowing that you just have to keep swimming to get to your island of dreams. Seems easy enough, and you swim, and you keep dreaming. It’s all so beautiful, but then weakness comes. Our body can only handle so much, our strength can only last so long until we decide it’s been enough.

They always tell us to keep swimming, to fight the currents, but they forget to mention how tiring it can get when you swim so far and still haven’t reached your goal. They forget to mention how discouraging it can get to keep swimming when you’ve swam so far and all you’ve gotten in return is salty hair and tired arms.

Here is a video I made on when you’re just tired of swimming without seeing your island. Here is a video for when you just want to stop, and turn back around.

I tell you this dreamer journey is not easy, and the results do not come quick. You aren’t here to swim solely to get on the island, you are swimming to become stronger, and braver. You are swimming to become a better you, and yea, you can go alone, and yea you can go with friends, but you can’t put all your trust in your self and in your friends. God is the only One who can renew your strength when you feel weak, He is the only one who can allow you to rest while bringing you towards the beautiful plan He already has for your life.

So when you become tired from all the swimming, rest in God, knowing that He will steer you where you need to be going while you rest in His embrace. God loves us so much, God loves you so much, and He is ready to help us little dreamers become achievers!

Until next time,

Swim slower, enjoy the water, and rest in God,

love always,