Giving up can be a tough decision to make, but as dreamers, giving up is sometimes one decision that needs to be made. No, im not trying to put you down or make you stop believing in yourself, hear me out, that not what mayliving is about. Here's why sometimes, quitting is necessary and you shouldn't feel bad about.

Dreamers, dream, Quitters, quit, but what happens when a Dreamer needs to QUIT??

Calling it quits can be one of the hardest decisions a dreamer can make. When all you’ve ever dreamed of for yourself is so far away and you’re not getting any closer, calling it quits may be the only option you have left. Now, let me explain to you, fellow dreamer, why sometimes, it’s okay that we give up on our “dreams”.

1.We make plans, so many of them. We fight for them, we live for them, we nurture them with all we got. What I hate to break to you though, is that, although we love our plans, we cannot be attached to our plans. You see, you can make as many plans as you would like, you can make as many to-lists, follow a specific schedule but because of something unexpected that COULD happen tomorrow, you’re plans might not go your way. That’s the reality of life.


 Do not get attached to your dreams. Do not get attached to your plans and goals. Love them will all your heart, fight for them with all you got, but when it’s time for them to be done, it’s done. It’s time to move on. Appreciate all that it has taught you and appreciate the step closer it brought you to your real dreams.

2.Secondly, I’d like to point out that we have “many dreams”, when in reality, we are only here for one purpose. One true purpose that will give us that fulfillment we so seek in life. But in a world of busyness and in a world where there are trends and statuses we live by, we chase dreams that aren’t really “our” dreams but are the dreams of others. This is our biggest pitfall. When you’re dreams become status based, or when they are created seeking the approval of others, then you are not chasing your dream or your true passion.


It’s time to re-evaluate what your dreams REALLY are, why you REALLY want and them and go from there. If you’re dreams are to be rich, what will that really bring you? If your dreams is to become someone successful, what does that really mean to you? Remember to follow your dreams and your heart, this includes your opinions and not the opinions of others. Oh, and also, don’t make EVERYTHING a “dream”. We’ve started using that word so loosely, like we use the word love. It really is a shame. Save that word for something magical, something incredible for you. Leave everything for goals you want to reach or experiences you want to live through.

3. Lastly, you might have been wrong all along. You might have been chasing the wrong dream, you might have found out that the dream you are chasing doesn’t really make you happy. When you quit such a dream, you cannot be called a QUITTER but instead your are fixing and patching up the places that are broken or not currently working. You are improving.


Realize what your “DREAM” is currently bringing you. Is it making you extremely stressful? Is it making you depressed? Is working towards it making you hate working with it? Your dreams are to bring you tremendous joy, and although dreams come with hard work and stressful days, make sure you are fighting for what you TRULY love and not just any old thing.

Quitting can be hard, and I don’t suggest you do it often, but sometimes if the remedy we need to open our eyes and realize that we do not create our path, our path has already been created for us. We are merely trying to figure it out, and if you thought you have it, but it turns out that the puzzle piece doesn’t fit, its time to try another piece.

Keep dreaming, dreamer.

Until next time,