trying to cram everything in to our days can be overwhelming and totally less productive than you can imagine. If you are living an overpacked life while trying to follow your dreams, follow these steps to make sure you are making the best use of the limited time we have during the day! Click to read

From overpacked schedules to trying to stay sane, living your life while chasing your dream life can look a lot like a big pile of CRAZY!

You have your daily “must do’s” but you also have your dream life “must do’s” and so you try to cram it all in, in hopes that soon enough, your dream life will be the only life you are living, but in reality, you are just driving yourself crazy, getting tired and burnt out, and at the end of the day all you want to do is curl up in a ball and eat cupcakes while binge watching your favorite Netflix weakness.

You think you’re being overly productive, but the truth is you are just setting yourself up for failure, something we can’t really afford to do when chasing our dreams! (can’t afford to set ourselves up for failure, not failing itself, those are two different things).

So, let’s take a minute right now, to just BREATHE. Inhale in, exhale out. Think of your end goal. Think of how happy you are feeling when you finally get to the end (imagination, use it please! )

Now, take your crazy packed schedule and let’s work on making it a SMART schedule and not a PACKED schedule.

Step 1: Prioritize 

I know you are trying to get a whole lot done in a short amount of time, but we need to learn how to PRIORITIZE. Trying to get it all done at once is just going to drive you insane. Take your schedule and look at what you can focus on now, and what can have your attention later (another day, week, or month).

Step 2: Eliminate 

I’m sure you are trying to conquer the world, and trying to be your own version of SUPERWOMAN, but don’t try to take on more than you can chew. If your schedule is overpacked, it’s because there are things there that can be saved for later. Once you finish prioritizing what you want to focus on for the day or the week, eliminate the rest, add it to a queue where you will keep these less important tasks saved for when time opens up in your schedule.

Step 3: Focus 

Each week your focus should be directed towards one main action step. What is your action step for the week? At the beginning of the week you decide what step you need to be on and moving from. That is your starting point (Monday). Once you know what step of your goal achieving journey you are on, you need to have the plan to get past that step. This plan is what you should be focusing on during that week. Don’t try to get all your goals done at the same time. Remember, FOCUS on the step you are on and how get past it. Direct your willpower to that one step instead of trying to jump steps and finish everything quickly.

Step 4: Dedicated Time 

Your day is filled with 24 hours, and aside from the time you use to sleep, you still have plenty of time to get things done! As always, don’t try to get it ALL done, don’t overpack your schedule. Instead,Take a week and  see where you are really spending your time. Write it down in a journal, and once the week is up look at where you can fit in time for things that matter instead of wasting time. Once you figure out where your free time is going, break your day into dedicated task times. Have a dedicated time to eat, work, and chase your dreams. Break your day down into FIXED TASKS (i.e work, school, morning and night routines) and MUST DO’s for your dreams (i.e write a new blog post, go to the gym, meal prep, etc). Dedicate the free spaces to a certain task, and focus on that task only during that time. Once time is up, you move on for the day.

Step 5: Declutter the Rest 

When you are overly packed, not just in your schedule, but in your overall life, worrying is constantly something that is happening. This eliminates willpower we could use on other more important things. Make sure you take some time each week to declutter the rest of your life. Delete unwanted emails so that there is no overwhelming inbox. Keep your space neat and organized by putting things back where they belong after use, keep up with laundry by having a dedicated laundry hour each week. Keeping your mind free from worrying about little annoying daily tasks leaves room for you to dedicate to other more important things, like your dreams.


  1. Set your goals every month
  2. Have a monthly planning session at the beginning of each month
  3. at the beginning of each week you plan out your weekly priorities
  4.  once you have your week set up, you can find the things you need to prioritize daily.

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See you on the inside!!!



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