When our room is a mess, we avoid it until we can no longer see across the room, and then we clean it up. When our life is a mess, we avoid it until we lose all control, and then we get it together. If you don't know how to get it together, don't worry, I got your back! Here's the recipe for getting your life together, step by step, real easy peasy, come along!

You’re in a place you haven’t been in before, or maybe you have been here before.

The feeling of life not making any sense. The feeling of doing too much for nothing. The feeling that your life is no longer together.

You know. The beautiful life we imagine, or even that we once had. Like I like to call them, “the simpler days”. When things weren’t so difficult and the days were longer, but they were days that we had everything together.

We can’t let that peace escape us because of the craziness of our current lives. It’s easy to get wound up in all the projects, and work, and the list of to-do’s, but that’s just not LIVING.

Mayliving is about living our best lives, but if our lives aren’t even together, then we need to change that. It all starts with change, the first step.

If you are looking for the “Get your life together” recipe, you are in the right place. Remember: This takes practice, and it takes time. Baking is delicious if you put in the effort to make it that way, and the same goes for living. Follow the recipe below, steer clear of the DISASTER INGREDIENT LIST, and if it doesn’t come out perfect the first time, try again.


3/4 Cup of Patience

  • Patience can sometimes be forgotten, in our daily stresses of life. It can be easy to lose it. Despite being so small, it provides a world of a difference in the flavor. Don’t forget this one. Keep it in the back of your mind. Practice it daily.

1/2 Cup of Compassion

  • Compassion is a very important ingredient, because it allows you to step out of YOUR world for a second, so you can see the world AROUND you. When we get too caught up in our problems and worries, we forget there are bigger problems out there, and then our problems become small and easier to manage. Definitely cannot replace this ingredient with any other.

2 Cups of Gratitude

  • I would like to say this is one of the most crucial ingredients in the baking of a life that is “TOGETHER”. Without being thankful for what you currently have, you will constantly be looking for more. More is not always better. Be where you are now. Enjoy life where you are, forget about the problems, focus on the good. Make a list and don’t forget to be grateful for it.

1/2 Cup of Rest

  • This one is seriously overlooked and it makes a world of a difference. Our batteries can’t last forever, and they shouldn’t. They are meant to be powered down every once in a while. They are meant to be given its reward after all the hard work they provide daily. Don’t overuse your body, to the point where it can no longer handle anything anymore. You are powerful, as long as you recharge or else your battery will be running low. I choose to rest with prayer time, self-care, and good old social time without electronics of course. A time where worrying is strictly prohibited.

2 Cups of Love

  • This is the other crucial ingredient that will ruin the cake if forgotten. Love necessary to get our life together, because if we don’t love ourselves, and the ones around us we cannot provide the best of ourselves. We won’t show up for ourselves. The moment you stop treating yourself like garbage, and the moment you provide yourself with the things you need to strive and provide, you are showing up for yourself with love. You are showing up for others, with love. Don’t forget love.

1 1/2 Cups of Self Control

  • Let’s never forget self-control. When our life is no longer “together” it means we have lost sight of our self-control. It means self-control has gone missing and you need to get it back. Take back control of your life by making the choices you need to make to move forward and not backward. Yea, self control sounds hard to get back once you lose it, but we no longer fear difficulty. Difficulty is there to make us stronger.

1/2 Cup of Humility

  • Last but not least, humility. Stay HUMBLE AND KIND. Forget about your own needs for a minute, and focus on how you can give a helping hand. How can you make someone smile? How can you make someone’s day? That should be your outlook on life. A life that removes the focus of our own importance our own worries, and that brings importance to serving others. Give your worries to God (or what you believe in), and let Him take care of you while you work on taking care of those around you. It makes my life a hundred times easier.

Along with the most important ingredients, you should keep in mind the list of DISASTER INGREDIENTS. These ingredients will ruin your cake, it will taste horrible and your life will be one step closer to NOT being together. Just avoid these at all costs!

  1. Negativity: Keep your outlook positive, despite all that crap that might go on around you. Focus on the positive side, always.
  2. Busyness: Careful not to get too busy, careful not to OVERPACK your life. This brings chaos, and we are trying to steer clear from that.
  3. Anger: Anger brings nothing but high stress levels, mean words, and an annoying state of mind after. Don’t let anger get the best of you.
  4. Worry: Like I said, I choose to leave my problems in the hands of God. I’m not sure what this might look like to you, but release yourself of your worries whether you write them down, pray about them, don’t spend too much time worrying about your problems, it’s not a great use of your time. Trust me.
  5. Desperation: Desperation causes us to do unimaginable things, and when we are desperate we are not trusting God, the universe, or whoever/whatever you believe in. Trust that things happen for a reason, try to see the reason that something negative might be happening to you and grow from it, don’t get desperate over it.

Work on baking this cake. Use this recipe and start working on yourself. If it doesn’t work the first time, keep trying because baking takes practice and consistency.

STAY TUNED FOR: How to keep your life together- Steps to follow daily to make sure you aren’t losing control of your life’s steering wheel again!

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