Thank you so much for your interest in helping dreamers, all around, achieve their goals and reach their dream lives!

As you might have read in the DREAMER REWARDS PAGE, the goal is to help dreamers reach their goals by giving them access to things that could help them get closer to their dreams, as well as reward dreamers for their hard work with anything that could help them give themselves a little TLC as well as help them achieve their Mayliving Lifestyle every day!

If you are a brand that carries beauty, wellness and self-care products you would be a great fit for Dreamer Rewards. If you are a brand/company that offers unique experiences (hotel stays, tours, adventures) you would also be a great fit. Any clothing brands that promote self love are also a great fit.

If you believe you have a product or experience to offer that you believe aligns with the Mayliving Lifestyle and could help dreamers reach their dreams, then shoot me an email at maylivingnow@gmail.com for more information on how to be a sponsor!

I look forward to hearing from  you!!!!

Thank you so much for believing in dreams!!!