How many times have you said "this is my last time?" one too many times to count? Well, darling, you are not alone!!! I say it, you say it, but its about time we change it! Come on over to to learn a new set of life rules to go by when troubled times come around!

One too many times actually. The reality is, I know the last time was really my last time, but the thought of giving up something I love really doesn’t go well with me.

Another unfortunate reality though, is the fact that I have learned to love what doesn’t love me back, I mean talk about being a girl, am I right? Always falling for things that don’t have our best interest in mind, when there is something that wants our best staring right at us.

We willingly and blindly choose the worst option, because it’s hip, it’s instagrammable, it’s what we want. But it’s definitely not what we need, and unfortunately we are not always the best judges when it comes to deciding when we “need” something versus when we “want” something (at least I’m not).

I don’t blame you. We have been sadly trained that way through all the movies and examples around us. It’s what we know. But we can change it. Let’s learn a few new rules of life here, so we can replace our old ones.

1. YOU DON’T NEED IT– When you see your favorite food, you might think you need it. Your body might tell you it can’t survive without it, but it can. It’s tough to resist your very favorite thing in the world, but YOU DON’T NEED IT. We need to repeat this to ourselves daily, every single time we decide we NEED the pizza instead of the salad. Every time we decide we need another slice of cake. Every time we decide that cookies, brownies, and chocolate are a good idea after starting a diet, YOU DON’T NEED IT. Remind yourself of that.

2. IF IT’S NOT HELPING YOU REACH IT, DITCH IT– This little rule can be applied to many situations, but we’ll keep it focused on things and actions for now. If your nap doesn’t have a legitimate excuse, ditch it. If that next youtube video is just another one to pass the time, ditch it. If that ice cream is only gonna make you feel regret, DITCH IT. See where I’m going with this? Now you try. (Note: not to be used on people and relationships, as those decisions shouldn’t solely be based on whether they are helping you reach your goals or not).

3. WHEN IN DOUBT, CHECK IT OUT– When making decisions that could either lead us closer to our dreams, or further away, we can sometimes forget what our end goal even is, and end up choosing what will please us in the moment. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, or save money,  or become more productive, you’re always faced with the GOOD and BAD decision to make. When in doubt, check out your vision board, check out your goals list for the year. I’m working on making a small version of my vision board, something you should also think about doing, so that your goals are always at hands reach. Keep it with your little book of anticipation (tutorial coming soon for this) and always refer back to these when the BAD option seems much better than the GOOD.

4. What Would ___________ Do? – If all else fails, resort to bigger inspiration. Who inspires you to chase these dreams? Is it someone traveling the world at 25? Is it someone who resists every food temptation to have their dream body? Is it someone successful in their field? Put yourself in your dream person’s shoes. Walk in their shoes a little when you don’t know which way to go. They’ve been there, they’ve walked the path you are on. Think like them for a minute, and choose what they would choose.

Dream lives can definitely be hard sometimes, and quitting can seem like the way to go. Resisting change is a mechanism we resort to when fear is kicking in, but we’ve discussed fear many times like HERE and HERE. Fear isn’t worth it, your dreams are!

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Print these rules, make them easy to reach, so that next time you catch yourself saying “this is my last time”, you won’t even go there!

Keep believing in your dreams, and stop putting them off, okay?

With tons of love,

we’ll see you next time,