growing up with insecurities can be a huge dreamer set back! But we are going to get over that, together! Read here to find out the dreamer rules for seeing your true beauty!

Before this post gets emotional at all, I want to say, that is not my intention. I am not here to make you relieve any dreaded moments you may have had to face in your past, but sometimes, us dreamers … keep reading

It seems like it has been everywhere this summer. With the heat wave and all that we got here in Boston the past couple of weeks, I can see why a super cute, flowy white dress was seen so many … keep reading

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We need to talk. I know you’re not here to listen to my problems, as a matter of fact, you’re most likely here looking for help with your problems. I’m sorry to inform you, this post has none of that. … keep reading

*all opinions are my own. I bought my own products and was gifted a second set to giveaway*

Finding organic skincare products that was good for my sensitive skin was always so hard and my journey to becoming a little healthier always came to a halt. Until I found brown and coconut! I know, this sounds all cheesy and sales, but to tell you the truth, I bought these, with my own money, and I recommend them to you, plus theres a surprise waiting inside. Open up to find out!

This is a tricky tricky subject. Kinda like unexplainable magic, which obviously I cannot explain but bear with me here. *If you … keep reading

confidence is a must when it comes to chasing your dreams and if you're anything like me, you need to get your confidence out and about now if you plan on living your dream life anytime soon! Its not as scary as you think so its time to let your confidence shine!!

I know it’s hard. To chase after something so much only to find out your are not confident enough to have it. Confidence is hidden in each and everyone of us and to be honest, it’s easier to have access … keep reading

Giving up can be a tough decision to make, but as dreamers, giving up is sometimes one decision that needs to be made. No, im not trying to put you down or make you stop believing in yourself, hear me out, that not what mayliving is about. Here's why sometimes, quitting is necessary and you shouldn't feel bad about.

Dreamers, dream, Quitters, quit, but what happens when a Dreamer needs to QUIT??

Calling it quits can be one of the hardest decisions a dreamer can make. When all you’ve ever dreamed of for yourself is so far away and … keep reading