Dream chasing is difficult because its like taking a shot in the dark and hoping you got it right. No matter what dream you are chasing you are bound to face some of these things Im about to mention so you don't want to be caught unprepared. Come on over to the dreamer corner on the internet and find out a few things you might not know about following your dreams.

Hello Dreamers! Hope all is well.

Lately things have been a little harder around here due to the fact that I am back at school and recently started working full time. You can’t win them all in this life amiright?… keep reading

Chasing our dreams isn't always a piece of cake. Sometimes we need a reminder as to why we are going through everything we are, and a reminder that there is a friend nearby (me in this case remember you can always count on me). Read on for a little "dear dreamer"

Dear Dreamer,

I hope this letter finds you well.

As you dream away a life full of beauty the way you have always imagined you would live, I want to tell you to never lose hope. Never forget why you … keep reading

Can we take a moment to acknowledge that wednesday blues is a thing? It sure can be tough to make it through the whole week when we get to wednesday cause its smack in the middle, our energy is running out and we're on the verge of giving up.. But hang in there! take these tips with you so you can make it through the week and be glad you did!!

It’s a thing you know, having Wednesday blues. Monday blues are totally a thing, I mean you leave a super chill, fun filled weekend to venture into a work packed week full of stress and what not. But, Wednesday blues, … keep reading

Keeping our skin hydrated through the crisp cold winter weather can be tough and can definitely take a toll on our self confidence. Keep these tips handy for you to make sure you're glowing all throughout the year!

I know it’s tough to keep skin beautifully hydrated and glowing all through winter. With those long winter days full of crisp cold weather, staying hydrated can become a lot tougher than it usual.

Because of my naturally dry skin, … keep reading

Bad habits can either make or break us as dreamers. Make sure you start the year on the right foot and get leave your bad habits behind!

Since the LAST POST was such a hit, I thought I’d answer some of your messages on how to actually break the bad habits right?

I know resolutions and dreams are tough. I understand your problem. I live through your … keep reading

Habits can either make or break us dreamers. Thats why its crucial to develop the good habits and to break the bad habits. Don't know where or how to start? Don't worry, here are five habits I'm sure you need to get rid of! Come on over!

Every once in a while, you’ll catch me thinking about ways I can better myself, ways I can improve what I am doing and what actions I need to take to get the ball rolling (well actually, I am always … keep reading