Developing a morning routine is crucial if you want to start living a successful and productive life. Make sure you incorporate the 8 crucial habits for successful living and you will be golden and well on your way towards your wildest dreams. Lets put it to the test and create your PERFECT MORNING ROUTINE! Keep reading to find out how


Hello Goal-Getters!

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In a world far, far away from here, there are people living their wildest dreams. These people see a whole new morning. An action packed, serene morning that most of us don’t see.

If you … keep reading

Success can be far away from you right now but by incorporating these 8 Crucial Habits for Success you are headed towards your wildest dreams and goals! Learn more about them, keep reading!

Hello you goal getter!!!

How have you been?

I’ve been doing a lot of reading and a lot of research about habits.

Habits are little things you do throughout your day that require little or no effort, like brushing your … keep reading

Have you ever thought of some outrageous thing you wanted to do but then immediately after you thought? No, I can't, that could never be possible. Well. Im defying that and I'm going against it, and I set myself some darn right outrageous goals this year, they will come true and so will yours, if you just set them! Find out about mine and how you can start your OUTRAGEOUS GOAL LIST!

It’s happened to all of us, to the best of us. An undying wish to do something that sounds quite impossible and after moments of daydreaming, the wish is gone. Buried deep into the heart and left alone because impossible … keep reading


Have you ever dreamt up a new beginning for yourself? A new way to live? Well I have. Follow along as I rediscover and rewrite my story. It's a journey, its a process, it's MAYLIVING. The beginning starts now.




Have you ever wondered what life would be like if all your dreams came true? Have you ever wondered what you would be doing at this … keep reading


Have you buried your passion deep down in the chambers of your heart? Have you been having a tough time digging it back up? In this post, I share with you the number one secret that got me to start digging up my passion as well as a worksheet to get you started and thinking and digging back up your passions so you can finally be free and start following your heart, you calling, your mission. What are you waiting for? Come on over! I'll see you there!

For a long time, I tried. I tried this and that and none of it worked. I tried staying in my comfort zone, I tried stepping out of my comfort zone. None of it seemed to bring me to … keep reading

Have you been living your life comparing yourself to others? Has that only been putting you down? Well, have no fear, Mayliving is here! In this post, I share a couple on tips on how to be COMPARE FREE and provide a FREE Workbook to make sure you take action and stop this habit! What are you waiting for, come on over!

Comparison is there. You see in on your newsfeeds, you see it with your friends, family, you name it and you’ve probably already compared yourself to it, even if it was unconsciously.

Comparison doesn’t serve us, but in a world … keep reading