Have you ever dreamt up a new beginning for yourself? A new way to live? Well I have. Follow along as I rediscover and rewrite my story. It's a journey, its a process, it's MAYLIVING. The beginning starts now.




Have you ever wondered what life would be like if all your dreams came true? Have you ever wondered what you would be doing at this … keep reading


Have you buried your passion deep down in the chambers of your heart? Have you been having a tough time digging it back up? In this post, I share with you the number one secret that got me to start digging up my passion as well as a worksheet to get you started and thinking and digging back up your passions so you can finally be free and start following your heart, you calling, your mission. What are you waiting for? Come on over! I'll see you there!

For a long time, I tried. I tried this and that and none of it worked. I tried staying in my comfort zone, I tried stepping out of my comfort zone. None of it seemed to bring me to … keep reading

Have you been living your life comparing yourself to others? Has that only been putting you down? Well, have no fear, Mayliving is here! In this post, I share a couple on tips on how to be COMPARE FREE and provide a FREE Workbook to make sure you take action and stop this habit! What are you waiting for, come on over!

Comparison is there. You see in on your newsfeeds, you see it with your friends, family, you name it and you’ve probably already compared yourself to it, even if it was unconsciously.

Comparison doesn’t serve us, but in a world … keep reading

If you’re recently out of high school or recently graduated college, or didn’t even go to college, and don’t know what to do with your life, you can thank your mid-twenties’ life crisis.

It’s a thing alright.

You’re stressed out … keep reading

de stressing is always necessary but it might not always be in the ways you are used to! Here are five brand new ways that could help you de stress that you might have never heard of!!! Cheers to learning something new everyday!

Hello lovelies!! How have you all been?

I’ve been stressed. Stress is over the top for me right now and its really taking a toll on my wellbeing. When stress starts to take over it really just becomes hard to … keep reading

Your success is not hidden in what you do but who you are. Make sure you ditch the habits that are holding you back and unleash the successful woman within you! Read more to find out how!

Hello my darlings! Hope you’ve all been well!

Lately its been seeming like success is getting harder and harder to achieve, and when I’m in a rut like I am now, I find it helpful to sit down and think … keep reading