Success can be quite hard to achieve which is the reason many of us tend to leave success for a later day and lead on with our lives while our dreams fill our minds with unachievable thoughts. But what if success just required a re-wiring of our minds so that it becomes almost instinct to succeed? Where success is almost on auto pilot? Here is what you need to wire yourself up for success!

Has success ever come easy to you? Can you honestly say that success is luck or chance? Although I believe that some success can come in the form of luck, the majority of it comes with HARD WORK and that’s … keep reading

The Mayliving Project is in full gear, but has it been worth it? Is it actually working? Find out if you should start MAYLIVING today or just follow along with my Mayliving Journey

Hello my wonderful Goal-Getters!!

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January is long gone so I thought I owed you a quick update about how The Mayliving Project is doing. Is it working? Is … keep reading


Are you a busy girl? A lazy girl? A procrastinator out of control (for now)? Well, what if I told you that you can still reach your goals? Here are 5 Exercise hacks for the procrastinator who needs a little workout in their life!

I’m just going to go ahead and say it, just in case you haven’t picked up on it yet, I am a procrastinator. There it is. I said it. I procrastinate like my life depended on it and quite … keep reading

Procrastination gets in the way of many many dreams, but here are 10 life lessons you need to learn to motivate you to ditch these habits and start WORKING TOWARDS YOUR DREAMS!

Its 10:00 pm, your to-do list is still full and you find yourself casually scrolling through your instagram feed. You had plans, you know, to get things done today, but, Netflix and nap time spoke much louder.

You’ve got goals … keep reading

Developing a morning routine is crucial if you want to start living a successful and productive life. Make sure you incorporate the 8 crucial habits for successful living and you will be golden and well on your way towards your wildest dreams. Lets put it to the test and create your PERFECT MORNING ROUTINE! Keep reading to find out how


Hello Goal-Getters!

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In a world far, far away from here, there are people living their wildest dreams. These people see a whole new morning. An action packed, serene morning that most of us don’t see.

If you … keep reading

Success can be far away from you right now but by incorporating these 8 Crucial Habits for Success you are headed towards your wildest dreams and goals! Learn more about them, keep reading!

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I’ve been doing a lot of reading and a lot of research about habits.

Habits are little things you do throughout your day that require little or no effort, like brushing your … keep reading