the term self care has definitely gotten a bit overused, but I'm here to show you a self care guide that doesn't fall into the millennial self-care guide category. Come with me, and learn a new way to self-care.

Although I love my millennial self-care tips that you can find here on Mayliving and pretty much anywhere on the internet now, I recently got to experience a new kind of self care that I thought I could share with all of you!

Now, don’t get me wrong! Journaling my thoughts, and consistent prayer or meditation are still musts in my self-care routine,  but sometimes we can change things up a bit!!

Here are a few self-care tips I learned while on my trip to Brazil, and that I most definitely plan on incorporating into my daily life and my daily self-care routine!

Grab a pen and paper and get ready for a whole new way of self-care!

1. Lose the Wifi 

To my luck, this trip barely had any wifi, no matter where I went or how much I paid for service. It’s as if some places were just too beautiful to miss out on, so the signal was horrible (a little sign to appreciate things around you I guess). A lot of self-care tips involve putting down our phone and doing some reading or writing, but having no wifi was a whole other level! When you get rid of wifi, no messages are coming in, you aren’t tempted to get your phone out of airplane mode, heck, you aren’t even tempted to pick it up! Yea, you get mad for a little that you can’t be connected, but once that first couple of minutes without wifi goes by, you get used to it. So I suggest either going somewhere where you can’t get signal or making your phone forget the network! and if you are still connected (our servers in the USA are just too darn good!), just simply POWER YOUR PHONE OFF. Forget it exists for a few hours. It’s worth it!

2. Start Loving the Curves

I honestly have never seen such body confidence as much as I saw it here in Brazil. The women here could care less if they are curvy, or have a little excess weight on their bodies. They were rocking those bikinis and not one of them wore a one-piece to “hide their new found body fat” (like I did). It’s so easy to be self-conscious when everyone around you is also self-conscious, but its also easy to love yourself and be confident with where you currently are in life when everyone around you is also confident. So, we have one of two choices on implementing this one into our daily routine: A) you either pack your bags and head over to Brazil’s beaches or B) you start loving your curves, and serve as an inspiration to others, so that slowly we can all create a ripple effect and be confident with our bodies in the USA as well. I vote B.

3. Act Like a Kid Every Once in a While 

On this trip, I fell for a “magic mud bath”. We were told that if we got in the mud, that the mud would heal any body imperfections (like pimples or spots) and that it would heal any muscular pain and other benefits of the sort. I quickly jumped in and spread the mud all over my body. It felt soft, and it was funny to see everyone else jumping in the mud to get their benefits. All these adults rolling around in mud, laughing at themselves and at each other and simply having a good time. Well, turns out, the only benefit the mud had was making you feel like a kid again. At first I was upset that I rolled around in mud for no good reason, but then, I became extremely grateful that I got to be a kid again even for just a few minutes. Every once in a while, get dirty! Laugh for no good reason! Play with children as if you were one of them. There is seriously nothing better than forgetting our worries for a minute, and just being a kid again.

4. Don’t be Afraid to Relax 

Now a days, if we stop even for a minute, we get behind on whatever it is we were doing. As if getting “behind” was a bad thing, as if we are at a constant race against everyone, and even ourselves. We’re afraid to take a breathe and miss something “important”. We are afraid to stop because if we stop we are missing a step we could have already taken. Let’s cut the BS. Your body cannot be powered ON forever. You need to power OFF every now and then, so you can recharge. Don’t be afraid to power OFF. Don’t be afraid to leave your work for LATER every so often. Seriously.

5. Talk to Strangers 

At least say Hi! Don’t walk by people without even sharing a smile. This world needs more kindness, its good for every single one of us. Don’t walk around with a frown (and I know resting bitch face is a thing now but show love). Care about someone’s day, and not just your own. Care about someone’s problem, not just your own. Care to live a glimpse of someone’s life through their story. Remove the headphones, put away the phone, and speak. Share your story, share your victories, or simply say hello. You can’t begin to imagine how wonderful it is for your health to talk to a stranger. I suggest implementing this one ASAP!

Take these self care tips as you will! Implement all of them or implement just one of them into your self-care routine! If you are in need of a self care routine than you can look at this ONE.

Take care of yourself, you won’t get anywhere if you don’t. You are chasing your dreams with your body and your soul. They both need to be in check, to make sure you don’t break down half way through.

until next time,

learn to love yourself, enough to take care of yourself,