When you're not creative, it can be a little hard to fit into the "dreamer" stereotype, but im telling you, its possible!  Come find your non creative passions, and find out how you can chase those dreams too!

All the craze these days have been all about quitting your 9-5, starting an entrepreneurial endeavor, and thus becoming an “official” dreamer.

Dreamers have been stereotyped to be the people who want “freedom” and the people who want to work for themselves, so they can spend more of their time doing what they love!! and although I’m all for the creative entrepreneur, I know we aren’t ALL creatives!

So what about the dreamers who aren’t creatives? What about the dreamers who don’t have that entrepreneur in them?

All of us have hopes and dreams, and if your dreams don’t involve you skipping college or quitting your dream job to pursue an entrepreneurial endeavor, darling, it’s okay!!!

It really doesn’t make you any less of a dreamer, and it definitely doesn’t make you fearful if you pursue a safe job. The truth is, that safe job could have been your dream a long time ago. That safe job could have been all you dedicated your life to all through college and then some. Sticking to a traditional career does not make you any less of a dreamer, and going the college path does not make you any less courageous.

I have mentioned before on the channel my thoughts on going to college, or choosing a different path for yourself. You can watch it down below:

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Remember, wherever your journey takes you, you are already a dreamer for going after what makes your heart smile!

until next time,

make sure you are following your passion, wherever that may lead you!!!

lots of love,