How many times have your dreams embarrassed you?? So much that you decided to leave them behind halfway?? I know it all too well, because not only is dream chasing hard, it can also be socially awkward to reach for something you're not even sure you can grab!! Well, my dearest dreamer, follow me for some tips on how I am slowly learning not to give a sh.....

How many times has a dream become an embarrassment? It goes from a an inspirational trigger to quickly becoming our life’s most embarrassing factor.

Before we give our dream a shot, we can still dream it will be all we have imagined!! But once you put all your bets on it, and it doesn’t go as planned, that’s when the embarrassment comes in.

It can be tough to follow your dreams when they aren’t exactly working out the way they should be, and trust me darling, it is not something you are experiencing alone. One too many times have I seen someone let go of their dreams because they seem embarrassing or not “social acceptable”. But enough with that around here. We are brave dreamers in training, are we not??

So, enough of putting dreams aside for fear of embarrassment. Seriously. Follow me!

I really do hope these tips will stay with you for the next time you decide to give up something so beautiful for silly little fears.

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We’ll see you next time,

until then,

embarrassment is not worth your dreams. Remember that.