Ever got caught in the "just one more episode" vortex? Or is it just me? Theres so much we could be doing instead of watching just one more episode, and honestly, I need to stop. Do you need to stop too?

How many times have you said that exact phrase in your life?

You decide to take a little break and watch a little tv to relax and wind down a little. You snuggle up to your favorite blanket and your favorite little snack, and next thing you know, you’re stuck in the vortex of Netflix’s automatic continuation of a season.

I mean seriously, who stops watching something in the middle of it? Once it starts, you’re there is no getting out.

But how many times have you let just “one more episode” be the cause you are not closer to your dreams?

Really though, think about this here with me:

If every time I said “just one more episode” I did something to get me closer to my dreams instead, I would definitely be a whole lot closer.

In fact, I’m sure we could all come up with a huge list of things we could have been doing instead of continuing on with the season of (insert your favorite tv show here).

The truth is, we are subconsciously putting off things we know are good for us, and that we know we need to do. We put it off for many reasons, and I am willing to bet fear has got you tied one way or another.

Fear of what people will think, fear of not being as great as you thought you were, fear of not succeeding, fearing the arduous work that comes with dream chasing, so we put it off.

We ignore it, we say we’ll “do it later” and never really get around to doing anything. It’s much easier to keep watching tv, or taking a nap, or anything else that works to keep you from reaching your biggest dreams.

When this happens, here’s what you need to do:



This can be tough, especially for dreamers, because we love making big plans, and lists and everything else that decides our future for us, but we have no control over the future. You get disappointed when you don’t get everything done for the week, you get disappointed when your to-do list is still half full, and then you think you’re not capable enough, but you need to let that sense of control go. You don’t control everything that happens in your life, God does. Trust in His plans for you, and trust that when you’re giving your all and things aren’t working, it’s not working for the better. Things will fall into place. So keep your dreams at hands reach. Leave tomorrow’s plans for tomorrow.


They’re out there. Whether they are disguised as people you are afraid will judge you, as the next episode of your favorite tv show, or even as a delicious CUPCAKE, be observant for things that are keeping you from reaching your dreams. They might seem great at the time, but don’t let yourself get caught in the vortexes of comparison and excessive PROCRASTINATION. Set alarms if you have to, set reminders, but don’t get stuck.


I’m a big fan of breaking things down into itty bitty pieces so we can remove overwhelm all together. When you have a big dream that seems to big to achieve, you break it down, and only focus on the small little piece in front of you that you can be working on. It’s like solving a puzzle: You get overwhelmed when you see the 1,000 pieces that somehow need to fit together to create a beautiful picture, but if you take it one piece at a time, you slowly begin to see the pieces fit. Just take one step focusing on that one puzzle piece you currently have in your hands.


Don’t make this dreamer journey any harder than it has to be. Stop taking things so seriously. If you fail, it’s okay. If people make fun of you, it’s okay. Whenever that happens I just repeat the words “I don’t care” many times, until, I really just don’t care. Have fun with your dreamer journey, and if it doesn’t work out the way you thought it would, stay tuned, bigger plans are coming your way.

I’m loving these types of posts and if you are too, let me know!!!

Also, here is some more photos from this fun shoot with marianandgus photography! It was almost like spring here in Boston, so I used this super light look with this loose fitted express blouse. I paired it with these fun jeans ( linked below is a similar pair) and these aldo flats. In all honesty though, I do not recommend these aldo flats, so I will link some similar ones down below! To tie the look I added my favorite trench coat!



We’ll see you next time,

until then,

let’s promise each other we won’t watch a full season in one sitting, shall we?

lots of love,