Have your dreams just not been coming true? I know, it can get tough, but here are a few pointers. Remember, you are just at a pit stop, take a minute to stretch your legs and remember where you're going, it's not worth giving up now! Make sure to save this post so the need to give up doesnt creep back in! keep going!

I’ve already tried, but it just isn’t working. How many times has this thought come through your mind as you attempt to accomplish something seemingly impossible?

They tell you to try and try again, and you do. But it still doesn’t work.

If you are finding yourself at this pit stop while you arduously chase the dreams you thought belonged to you, let’s use a pit stop the way its supposed to be used.

When you are driving long hours towards a destination, a pit stop is meant give you a little break so you can stretch your legs, re-energize and then hopefully get back on the road. Pit stops are not where the journeys end, remember that.

So let’s get back into what we are really talking about here: Why aren’t your dreams working the way you planned them out to?

Well, my dear dreamer, let’s analyze some things here shall we?

1. Why are you chasing this dream? 

One thing I have learned is that dream chasing cannot be selfish. So, if you are continuously chasing your dreams solely for fame, money, or selfish personal advancement, it’s not going to work out. You are on this earth to help serve others the best way possible, so don’t make your dreams all about you. How can achieving your dreams help at least one person that is not you?

2. What the heck is success?

Yea, we all have different meanings of success, and it absolutely looks different depending on who defines it. You need to figure out what success means to you and your dream life. Will success look like being able to wake up late every morning? Will it look like owning a business? Will it look like being able to spend time with your loved ones? Will it look like having time to take care of your needs? Your dream life is anything you want it to be, you are chasing your SUCCESS, so don’t try and compare your success to someone else’s.

3. One is enough. 

This is the hardest for me, because social media has us comparing ourselves to each other left and right, and although there are 25 other things we could be doing instead of comparing ourselves to anyone else ( you can read this post by clicking HERE), sometimes we just can’t help it.

My sister always serves to open my eyes when I think I am failing because of numbers. I only have a small number of followers, I only get a small number of likes, only a few people read my blog, I only lost one pound, I was only able to stick to my routine for one week. Dreamers listen up: ONE IS ENOUGH! The one person who reads your blog is enough to make it worthwhile. The one person who reads your sentimental caption is the one who needed it most. The one pound you lost is enough to inspire someone else to start losing theirs. Remember, you are not in this solely for your. Your dream life will serve a purpose, it will help change someONE. It’s not about any numbers.

4. Your mindset will either take you far or not….. 

Mindset. Mindset. Mindset. Please, please, please change your perspective on your accomplishments, and on life. Everything makes much more sense with positivity. Yeah, sometimes it may sound like mumbo jumbo, but it works. Everything seems right when you look at it with positive eyes. It all falls into place. What you thought didn’t make sense now does. What you thought wasn’t working, was because something better was to come. You need positivity, or you’ll give up much sooner than you ever need to.

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5. It can’t be all about the money 

A lot of us dream of making a living off of our dreams, but don’t put that much pressure on your dreams. I do believe in the big leap of faith, but sometimes, it’s okay to work a little harder. Can I promise it will pay off? no. But, you’ll chase your dreams for your sanity, for your guilty pleasure. Don’t make it all about the money, because if your dreams can’t live up to your expectations, something beautiful will just feel like a waste of time. You can try and make money from it, but don’t make it an ultimatum.

and, even after this pit stop, and even after you’ve tried being positive and you tried your best to make it work, you might be chasing the wrong dream for the wrong reasons….. so here’s how you can know when it’s time to GIVE UP and start new.

I hope this pit stop helped. Remember you can reach out, always. I’m here to listen to the hard times so you don’t have to deal with them alone.

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Until next time,

get back on the road and keep driving.

Lots of love,