Sound familiar? Choosing the not so healthy options over the healthy ones? We all do it, and not just with food. It's not by accident that chasing dreams are as hard has choosing a salad, but it can be done! Come on over to the blog to find out how!

It’s always the same dilemma:

You start the day saying you’ll stay healthy and you’ll choose the salad, but by the end of the day you are convincing yourself you have been good enough and should be rewarded with the oh so delicious cupcake starting at you.

This was was an especially hard task at the cutest SWEET bakery here in Boston, I literally wanted every single cupcake.


I know it’s tough. I feel ya girl.

We’re faced with these pesky little choices day in and day out and quite frankly, it gets tiring.

But, they’re necessary.

How many times have you chosen the bad over the good?

How many times have you chosen the things that are no good for you, instead of choosing the things that will only make you better?

Something has to change, because guess what? Our dreams are made up of these annoying choices we usually avoid.

So how do you start choosing the salad over the cupcake?

1 Be decided

You say you want your dreams to come true, but have you truly decided that you want it? You won’t be able to make the right choices until your dreams are really where you want to go.

2 Be Perseverant

The obstacles will be there. In fact, the obstacles are meant to be there, it’s no accident you face so much trouble when you try to chase your dreams. You are totally being tested, to see if you really want it! Keep moving. Even if it seems hard, even if it seems like you aren’t ready. Keep working for them even if things go wrong. Push through and you’ll see the rewards!

3 Focus 

What does it mean to have focus? It means you keep your goals and dreams at the back of your mind everyday and every time you are faced with a choice to make, you bring out your dreams, and you make your choices based on where they will be getting you closer to your dreams. That’s it.

4 Be prepared to face your obstacles 

No one knows you better than you know yourself. You know your strengths and weaknesses. Be prepared for them. You know when you are most likely to fall, so anticipate it and don’t let it happen. Later on I will be showing you all how to make the THE LITTLE BOOK OF ANTICIPATION (keep your eyes out for that).

Remember, a cupcake is needed every once in a while in life, it’s okay to like the cupcake, as a friend maybe, but don’t fall in love with it, because although it looks like it loves you back, the closer you get to it, the farther you are from your dreams (comment down below if you got the analogy hahah I love using them but don’t know if everyone understands what I am trying to say 🙂

You can reach your full potential if you simply choose to do so. You can reach your dreams because you are brave and strong. These dreams weren’t placed on your heart for no reason, God has big plans for you, but you need to trust and take the leap!

We’ll see you next time,

with tons of love,