Discipline is really the secret to it all. Dont have it? Learn how to use it so that you can be superwoman/man and get everything done!

Hello goal-getter! Did you wake up on a beautiful island today, without a worry in the world?

Chances are, you didn’t. Chances are, you actually woke up today, in your usual bed, and you are going about your usual day to day activities. If I’m wrong, lucky you! I’d give just about anything to be somewhere tropical, drinking a nice cold drink while feeling the ocean breeze but I have stuff to-do, stuff to worry about and quite frankly, sometimes I just don’t freaking want to!

Sometimes I just want to tune it all out and pretend I’m on that island where everything is working out and I’m relaxed and ready to just enjoy.

The problem with that is that I’m just listening to the wants and not the needs. The problem is that instead of living for passion, I’m living for pleasure and if you’re experiencing the same thing you could be suffering from one of two things:

  1. Procrastinator Syndrome: When you really really really want to get something done, but you just don’t. (Here are some life lessons for procrastinators you might enjoy)
  2. Lack of Discipline: You haven’t been trained to get things done that you really have to.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I like the sound of number 2 a whole lot better because, its never my fault right? I can just blame my parents for not teaching me discipline and not feel a single bit of regret every time I choose tv and cake over doing work and controlling my eating.

I’ve learned from a wise person that the golden rule of life is :

Control Yourself

BAM! That’s it. In everything you do in life, if you learn to control yourself, you are golden. The problem is, most people don’t! That’s where the lack of discipline comes in.

You don’t need motivation, you don’t need rewards, you need discipline to get it all done.

So, how do you use discipline to get it all done?

Start Practicing

Discipline is almost like a little muscle. Its currently weak so you need to work it out so it can get strong and mighty and allow you to get your shit done! You need to have a plan and you must start executing. Start small, then gradually increase! Let’s say you’ve been trying to go to the gym. Start doing a simple 5 minute exercise everyday, then increase to 10,20, 30 as you go along! If you are addicted to something, slowly start easing off of it. This method is time consuming but works.

Eliminate Distractions

        Discipline doesn’t have to be a big monstrous task that you are helpless at learning. Start by eliminating distractions that are making discipline hard. If you are trying to stop eating cake, stop buying cake! Stop passing by the bakery everyday! Dont torture yourself! Make it easy. Get rid of all the things that could make you fall while trying to get stronger!

Love your Needs, Hate your Wants

We want a lot of things in life. We want nap time, we want delicious sugary treats, we want the beautiful beach body, we want want want! That’s the biggest problem with procrastination, it tends to our wants and because it’s what we “WANT” that’s what we end up doing. You need to start listening to your needs. Make your NEEDS your WANTS. If you need to start eating healthy, then you have to WANT to start eating healthy. If you NEED to get your work done, you have to WANT to do it. This goes into a whole different topic about mindset shifts but for now i’ll leave you with this food for thought:

” Do it for purpose and not for pleasure”

In everything you do from now on, ask yourself: “Am I doing this for purpose or for pleasure?”

Start implementing these techniques in your day-to-day life and watch your discipline muscle start to grow, slowly, but surely!

Once your discipline muscle is strengthened, you can start implementing the crucial habits for being successful! 

How is your discipline muscle? What will you start doing to make it stronger?

Until next time,