Imagine if you could win something that you’ve been wanting for a while? Something that can help bring you closer to your dreams? Or something that just makes you darn happy??

Mayliving is proud to introduce to all the fellow dreamers, the official DREAMER REWARDS!

You work so hard to chase your dreams, I decided you deserved a chance to be rewarded for your hard work!

So how does this work you may ask?


Each reward will be something that reflects the Mayliving Lifestyle. Prizes will range from self-care items, to gift cards, to hotel stays and anything that can help you relax, chase a better you, and of course, get a little bit closer to your dreams.

Each month we will have a new list of prizes At the beginning of each month new prizes will start showing up on the prizes page and winners will be announced 2 WEEKS from dates posted (so if date on post says April 5, winner would be announced April 19th) on the facebook page. Amount of prizes will vary month to month, with some months having more prizes to win and other months having less.


Core Requirements:

  1. become part of the family which simply means you are following the official Mayliving instagram account @mayliving_ and the official Mayliving youtube account (linked HERE). Some posts may have additional requirements so be sure to read each prize post individually.
  2. Prizes on the prize page will be linked to their own facebook posts and you can enter by either liking the specific prize post or by tagging a friend in the comment section. If you like and tag, you receive two entries.
  3. Winners will be announced at the end of each month on the facebook page via a live video, and will also be contacted via FACEBOOK MESSENGER so be sure to check your message requests.
  4. If winners do not claim prizes within 24 hours of announcement, new winners will be chosen.
  5. Every Once in a while, FLASH PRIZES will show up and those will only be available for a limited time and will have their own special rules, so keep an eye for those.

If you are a brand that would like to sponsor the DREAMER REWARDS you can click HERE for more information.

Click HERE to head over to the prizes page.

quick recap:

  1. join the Mayliving Family to be considered
  2. Keep an eye out each month for new prizes and flash prizes
  3. Read each prize facebook post on instructions to participate
  4. Enter and win!

Good luck to all you dreamers!!! I hope this helps make your dreamer journey a bit easier each month (kinda like when katniss would receive those things when she was struggling to survive, what were they called again?? hum.)

Love you all!