When your phone has been taking up all your time, there is only one thing you can do: bring it home!!! I introduce to you your phone's new home!!! Use this cute little gadget to put your phone down when you need to get stuff done and totally girl boss! Come on over to the blog to find out more! <3

Hello dreamers!!

This week on the channel there is a brand new DIY for people who are a little too obsessed with their phones. I know it can be tough, but phones take up so much of our free time, time we could be using to work on our dreams and goals.

So, if your phone has been making you less and less productive each day, then get your crafty hands ready for this DIY!

The productivity phone box is meant to keep your hands off your phone. You design your box and once its done you use it when you need to be a girlboss and get stuff done! The box will be your phones home, so every time  you need to get work done, your phone will go home! It’s a fun little way to develop a new habit, but it is a habit, which means you have to get used to using it and actually follow through!!!

Use it for a month, keep track on a calendar or on your habit tracker and you my dear, should be golden!

No more phone interruptions while we chase our dreams!

Until next time,

stay productive,