Let's face it, creating the "best version of ourselves" can be one tough thing to accomplish, and quite frankly, staying right where we are can sound a whole lot better. If you started creating your best self, you know what I'm talking about and you know how hard it can be to stay consistent when trying to break the bad habits that you currently live by, while replacing them with new ones you've never tried before! If youve started and you have already thought about giving up, come along with me, Your dreamer BFF, and let's face this together, with tips on how to keep going!

We’ve seen all the blog posts. Watched all the youtube videos. Followed the routines of most successful people, because hey, we want a little in on the success too, right?

With Mayliving being all about “creating the best version of ourselves”, I figured I had to touch upon a subject that has faced me one too many times in this journey, and one I figured might have knocked on your dreamer door a few times too.

You find out the routines, you start to implement them in your life, and then BAM! You fall off the wagon. You feel like a failure because you’ve tried this before, and you had the same outcome.

Creating the best version of yourself, can be one heck of a task! It can be so difficult, that we sometimes start to think that the best version of ourselves isn’t worth all this hard work and effort. We begin to feel powerless, and we begin to (dare I say it) THINK about GIVING UP!

BUT!!!! WAIT!!! Before you give up trying again, keep these tips at hand. Keep them close, memorize them, and PUT THEM TO GOOD USE!! We are all facing this difficult journey, together, don’t quit BEFORE YOU’VE TRIED EVERYTHING AT LEAST 100 TIMES!

  1. Always keep your WHY in mind 

    1. Why did you start all this in the first place? Why did you want to see the change bad enough to start changing? Don’t ever forget your WHY!!! Use it to drive you, and push you when you have no willpower left. When you have no more hope in yourself and your journey, remember your why and always let it be your engine starter.
  2. Don’t bite off more than you can chew 

    1. Having a SUCCESS PLANNER can keep you in line with what you can accomplish in your time. Don’t overwhelm yourself with a huge list of to-do’s and don’t try to completely change your life in one day! Creating our best self requires growth, it requires us getting to know ourselves with all our imperfections and shifting them to work for us and not against us! Take one step at a time, always.
  3. Keep a list of your favorite affirmations- and actually repeat them DAILY 

    1. I cannot begin to describe how much affirmations have shaped my journey and have served to pull me back up when I just feel like giving it all up! Keep your most inspiring quotes, affirmations, and thoughts within reach, so that you can repeat them EVERY SINGLE DAY. They sort of become like a radio song that is always playing and you can’t help but get it stuck in your head. Then it plays in your head automatically, and once that happens, its affirmations 24/7 my darling.
  4. Do it for OTHERS, not just yourself 

    1. Your dreams have to have a bigger purpose other than just benefiting you! Selfish dreams are much harder to achieve, so jot down a few ways your dreams can get you to help someone, anyone! What will accomplishing your dreams change for someone else? How will you be able to serve better once your best self is created?? (Yes this is a journal prompt, answer away in your journal! )
  5. Keep your favorite inspirational story/video at easy access 

    1. Whenever I am at an all time low, I seek my inspiration. Even though they aren’t physically with me and motivating me to keep going, just seeing what they are doing and the life they are living is enough to push me. Keep your favorite inspirational story bookmarked, save your favorite inspirational video, and always go back to it so that you can remember where you are headed, and the story you can tell one day!
  6. Remember that FALLING does equal QUITTING 

    1. One too many times, us dreamers can confuse FALLING with QUITTING, as if we are supposed to stop every time we fall. Now, when a journey is made up of falling and trying things we aren’t sure will work, how does that logic make any sense?? Associate FALLING with GETTING BACK UP. Associate roadblocks as challenges you know you can beat if you push a little more. Don’t be okay with mediocre dream chasing (we’ll talk more about this in an upcoming post)
  7. Keep your rewards long lasting, not momentary 

    1. Chasing our dreams for momentary rewards can only drive us for so long, it can only change us for so long. We are looking for permanent change here, a change that will define your FUTURE, and the only way we can keep going is if our rewards become long lasting. Instead of trying to lose the 20 pounds just to be 20 pounds lighter, lose the pounds to have a healthier life, to have more energy everyday, to make it up the stairs without panting. Instead of budgeting to visit that dream place, budget so that you can have a peaceful financial life, so you can afford things always without worrying about breaking the bank. Change is permanent, so chase permanent results!
  8. Work on your mindset daily 

    1. Shifting your mindset is like putting your dream chaser car on autopilot. It will drive you without you even noticing. Look at the world with your positivity sunglasses. Embrace all your roadblocks instead of complaining they are in your way. Be grateful for what you have instead of worrying about what you don’t have. Trust that whatever you need for your journey will be provided, and whatever you don’t need will be taken away and that’s okay. Remember that you don’t always know the direction in which you are going, but God does, so trust His plan for your life. Small shifts in mindset can take you a long long way! Work on them daily as well!
  9. Be your own biggest cheerleader 

    1. If you can’t cheer yourself on, how do you expect anyone else to believe in you? You have to be your own biggest cheerleader no matter the situation! You have to believe in your own potential despite the times that you have fallen and failed! I do this by writing letters to myself from the future version of me. I give myself pep talks, I talk about the wonderful life I’ll be living once I get through the roadblocks, and I remind myself it’s okay to fall, as long as I take the jumps. Be your #1 motivator, always.
  10. What works for others doesn’t always work for everyone else! 

    1. This could possibly be the most important one (Should have put it in number one huh?, oh well saved the best for last). There are too many articles now a days that give you a recipe for success, that give you routines of successful people, and then you try to incorporate it all into your schedule like you are this person with a completely empty schedule who can just plug all these new habits in and see your success come to life. Honey, this isn’t how it works. SMALL STEPS, I can’t stress this enough. Incorporate new habits but customize them to work for you! Don’t try to fit in the “perfect morning routine” and the “optimal night routine” when you are just starting out. That’s overwhelming to the max and no one needs that!

Wow, this post came out way longer than I thought it would, and quite frankly, I am okay with that. Read through this before you hit your next roadblock, so you can be ready to face it. Next time you fall, remember this list so that you have enough evidence on why you SHOULD try again and GET BACK UP!

This week’s feature image is of the lovely Nisha Johny! When I found her insta I fell in love with the photos she shares and just knew I had to feature her here on Mayliving! She is a Christ Follower (yay!), loves food, fashion and travel, and she is a Radio Host ( How cool is that!!). She also has her own corner on this vast internet, so you can find out more about her by clicking HERE . Leave a comment on your favorite blog post of hers saying you came from Mayliving! <3

If you read this entire post up till here, my dear, you want this more than anything and I can guarantee it won’t be worth giving up now!

We’ll see you next time,

until then,

keep working on the best version of you, because the best version of you will be worth meeting.


-May, Your Dreamer BFF