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When our room is a mess, we avoid it until we can no longer see across the room, and then we clean it up. When our life is a mess, we avoid it until we lose all control, and then we get it together. If you don't know how to get it together, don't worry, I got your back! Here's the recipe for getting your life together, step by step, real easy peasy, come along!

You’re in a place you haven’t been in before, or maybe you have been here before.

The feeling of life not making any sense. The feeling of doing too much for nothing. The feeling that your life is no longer … keep reading

trying to cram everything in to our days can be overwhelming and totally less productive than you can imagine. If you are living an overpacked life while trying to follow your dreams, follow these steps to make sure you are making the best use of the limited time we have during the day! Click to read

From overpacked schedules to trying to stay sane, living your life while chasing your dream life can look a lot like a big pile of CRAZY!

You have your daily “must do’s” but you also have your dream life “must … keep reading


the term self care has definitely gotten a bit overused, but I'm here to show you a self care guide that doesn't fall into the millennial self-care guide category. Come with me, and learn a new way to self-care.

Although I love my millennial self-care tips that you can find here on Mayliving and pretty much anywhere on the internet now, I recently got to experience a new kind of self care that I thought I could share … keep reading

How many times have your dreams embarrassed you?? So much that you decided to leave them behind halfway?? I know it all too well, because not only is dream chasing hard, it can also be socially awkward to reach for something you're not even sure you can grab!! Well, my dearest dreamer, follow me for some tips on how I am slowly learning not to give a sh.....

How many times has a dream become an embarrassment? It goes from a an inspirational trigger to quickly becoming our life’s most embarrassing factor.

Before we give our dream a shot, we can still dream it will be all we … keep reading

Have your dreams just not been coming true? I know, it can get tough, but here are a few pointers. Remember, you are just at a pit stop, take a minute to stretch your legs and remember where you're going, it's not worth giving up now! Make sure to save this post so the need to give up doesnt creep back in! keep going!

I’ve already tried, but it just isn’t working. How many times has this thought come through your mind as you attempt to accomplish something seemingly impossible?

They tell you to try and try again, and you do. But it still … keep reading

Ever got caught in the "just one more episode" vortex? Or is it just me? Theres so much we could be doing instead of watching just one more episode, and honestly, I need to stop. Do you need to stop too?

How many times have you said that exact phrase in your life?

You decide to take a little break and watch a little tv to relax and wind down a little. You snuggle up to your favorite blanket and your … keep reading