sometimes, it might seem crazy to chase a dream so big and far away, but come learn about Krysta and her dream, because a little inspiration and a little nudge is always good!!

If there is one thing I enjoy doing, it’s meeting new dreamers. If there is one thing I absolutely love doing, it’s meeting dreamers who are doing everything they can to follow their dreams.

A few weeks ago, I reached … keep reading

I'll be honest... A lot of times, I skip makeup out of pure laziness. Just the thought of sitting and putting on pounds and pounds of makeup to make society's view of my beauty a little better kinda makes me cringe. The outcome is me rocking my daily natural look. But sometimes, natural just isn't cutting it, and when I want to feel a little more beautiful and put together, I want it to be quick and effective. That's why today, I am sharing with you my favorite makeup routine products, and I'm not only sharing it virtually, I am sharing it physically to a lucky Mayliving Family Member! Read more to find out!

Hello Dreamers!!

A little while back, I shared with you some quick makeup tips for busy dreamers that want to kind look put together every once in a while!!!

Although natural beauty is one of my daily go-to’s, there are … keep reading

*all opinions are my own. I bought my own products and was gifted a second set to giveaway*

Finding organic skincare products that was good for my sensitive skin was always so hard and my journey to becoming a little healthier always came to a halt. Until I found brown and coconut! I know, this sounds all cheesy and sales, but to tell you the truth, I bought these, with my own money, and I recommend them to you, plus theres a surprise waiting inside. Open up to find out!

This is a tricky tricky subject. Kinda like unexplainable magic, which obviously I cannot explain but bear with me here. *If you … keep reading