Traveling is always a wonderful way to take care of ourselves, but we don't always have to go so far away! Here are 5 places everyone needs to visit at least once a year to remember their why, their hows, and of course for a little peace of mind in the middle of a crazy, chaotic dreamer life !

I recently came back from a wonderful trip to a place completely different than my own. A place where I was able to shut the world off (and for that I am sorry, I havent posted here in forever) and … keep reading

I recently found a love for adorable bakeries with delicious pastries and tea. Theres something about the warm feeling bakeries give but I'm currently obsessing. The bakery that has won my heart over for the past month is TATTE bakery in Boston. It is absolutely adorable, bright and airy and their bakery food is to die for! You can go any time of day and you are guaranteed to leave satisfied. Definitely worth giving this place a visit if you are ever in the Boston area!

Over worked and too tired to function, it really is time to take a break…

If you ever feel like this while you are working hard, chasing your dreams and being a goal-getter and all, you’ve let yourself go way … keep reading

It's important to learn something new every single day! This time, I got invited to the fall beauty and style masterclass, and I got started on learning techniques for one of my goals!

I’m all about the motivational quotes. Quotes that inspire, quotes that get me moving again, quotes that get me thinking. One quote I am particularly fond of is the one that goes something along the lines of “learn something new … keep reading

trying to get everything done on your fall bucket list? May I suggest heading to an apple orchard? There are tons of super cute fall activities to do at an apple orchard, check out what I had going on in this one!

I don’t know why, but fall this year seems more extraordinary than usual. The colors are just popping everywhere you go, making every corner look more than magical. I’m not really the fall loving gal if you ask me, but … keep reading


Going through life is one thing, but living and experiencing life is a totally different more rewarding life! And although we don't all have money to support our wildest bucket lists, we can downsize for now, so that you can keep living and keep experiencing . I love downsizing because it has allowed me to believe I too can experience small but unforgettable moments! Wont you give it a try? Read on goal-getter! For many years I spent life just like any average joe. Wake up, get dressed, go to school/work, come home, have dinner, shower and bed. That was my life and that is how I saw everyone else living theirs … keep reading