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When your phone has been taking up all your time, there is only one thing you can do: bring it home!!! I introduce to you your phone's new home!!! Use this cute little gadget to put your phone down when you need to get stuff done and totally girl boss! Come on over to the blog to find out more! <3

Hello dreamers!!

This week on the channel there is a brand new DIY for people who are a little too obsessed with their phones. I know it can be tough, but phones take up so much of our free time, … keep reading

You could be getting an income, but do you have any idea where your money is going? If you're anything like me, you end your months with a low balance and no idea where it all went! Dreamers, i'm sorry to tell you but to afford your dreams you need to strap down! Here are a few money saving tips and tricks I am picking up this new year !

Hello Dreamers!!

Happy Thursday!!!!

I’m so glad this week is almost over because next week I get to have an unexpected week off and we all know how great that is to UNWIND and de-stress. 

This week was birthday week … keep reading

Stress can literally attack us from everywhere and when it does, it can definitely take the most of us. Avoid certain stress in your life because honestly, you don't need it. Head on over to mayliving for these tips on where you can avoid stress!!!

Life has been over the top lately.

Stress is literally coming at me from every corner and quite frankly, I’m tired of it.

I know you are not here to listen to the stressful events that have been a part … keep reading

Dream chasing is difficult because its like taking a shot in the dark and hoping you got it right. No matter what dream you are chasing you are bound to face some of these things Im about to mention so you don't want to be caught unprepared. Come on over to the dreamer corner on the internet and find out a few things you might not know about following your dreams.

Hello Dreamers! Hope all is well.

Lately things have been a little harder around here due to the fact that I am back at school and recently started working full time. You can’t win them all in this life amiright?… keep reading

Can we take a moment to acknowledge that wednesday blues is a thing? It sure can be tough to make it through the whole week when we get to wednesday cause its smack in the middle, our energy is running out and we're on the verge of giving up.. But hang in there! take these tips with you so you can make it through the week and be glad you did!!

It’s a thing you know, having Wednesday blues. Monday blues are totally a thing, I mean you leave a super chill, fun filled weekend to venture into a work packed week full of stress and what not. But, Wednesday blues, … keep reading

procrastinators are uniting in this post to laugh at a few things we know all too well. If you are a procrastinator, you don't want to sit this one out!

Procrastinators are literally everywhere. Even if they make it seem like they aren’t, deep down everyone has a little procrastinator in them (or so I believe). Well, today I decided to share with you a few daily struggles procrastinators know … keep reading