sometimes, it might seem crazy to chase a dream so big and far away, but come learn about Krysta and her dream, because a little inspiration and a little nudge is always good!!

If there is one thing I enjoy doing, it’s meeting new dreamers. If there is one thing I absolutely love doing, it’s meeting dreamers who are doing everything they can to follow their dreams.

A few weeks ago, I reached … keep reading

I'll be honest... A lot of times, I skip makeup out of pure laziness. Just the thought of sitting and putting on pounds and pounds of makeup to make society's view of my beauty a little better kinda makes me cringe. The outcome is me rocking my daily natural look. But sometimes, natural just isn't cutting it, and when I want to feel a little more beautiful and put together, I want it to be quick and effective. That's why today, I am sharing with you my favorite makeup routine products, and I'm not only sharing it virtually, I am sharing it physically to a lucky Mayliving Family Member! Read more to find out!

Hello Dreamers!!

A little while back, I shared with you some quick makeup tips for busy dreamers that want to kind look put together every once in a while!!!

Although natural beauty is one of my daily go-to’s, there are … keep reading

It can be hard to find motivation to make yourself look the way you want everyday, and the no make up look can get repetitive after a while! If you're in need of some self-loving, incorporate these quick makeup tips to make sure you are looking flawless and ready to go everyday!

As dreamers, I am willing to bet your morning is completely packed!

Whether you use your mornings to be productive, or to be a little lazy before your day starts, I’m sure you could use any time you can get!… keep reading

Keeping our skin hydrated through the crisp cold winter weather can be tough and can definitely take a toll on our self confidence. Keep these tips handy for you to make sure you're glowing all throughout the year!

I know it’s tough to keep skin beautifully hydrated and glowing all through winter. With those long winter days full of crisp cold weather, staying hydrated can become a lot tougher than it usual.

Because of my naturally dry skin, … keep reading

Already worried your dreams will go down the drain come the holidays? I know, it can be tough to resist all the urges of eating the most wonderful meal that only comes around once a year, but with these tips, you are sure to come out alive and on track! head on over to the blog to write down these must have tips on how to NOT eat everything during the holidays!

Oh Christmas time!

A wonderful time of year where stress has completely taken over, and stress-eating becomes a legit thing. I’ll be the first to admit that my healthy eating is typically thrown out December first and I am left … keep reading

Ever wake up not feeling the most beautiful? We all have our bad days and our ups and downs, but its important to try to see your reflection as your definition of beauty on a daily basis because dreams are driven by confidence, and confidence is driven by how we see ourselves. Keep "beauty" at hands reach with these simple tips!

If you’ve been working on your dreams, you’ve probably been trying to balance them with your real job, relationships and everything else you juggle on a daily basis.

A midst all of this weekly chaos, looking beautiful might be the … keep reading