Are you ready to chase your dreams?

Version 3

What in the world is Mayliving you ask? 

Mayliving is a lifestyle. A lifestyle we aim to live daily. A lifestyle that is set up in a way that makes dream chasing easier. For too long we have made comfort choices, choices that lead us further and further away from our dreams simply because they feel more convenient. By Mayliving, we choose to live a life outside our comfort zone, a life where our choices are based on how closer they will get us to our dreams. Mayliving is simply learning to take care of yourself, learning to love yourself, and learning to believe in yourself.

Where did the name Mayliving come from?

The name came from a sweet nickname that a few close friends called me, May, but it turned into so much more. May is more closely identified with the month of May,  where all the flowers bloom, after a long period of winter,

What you will find around here:

Here on the blog you will find anything and everything that could possibly get you a little closer to the life you dream of.


Where you will find useful posts to help you change your pesky bad habits, where self-improvement will come into play and where you will find inspiration and motivation whether it be to chase your dreams, or try something different. You will also find “Mayliving Tools”, which are posts that have tips and tricks for an easier dream chasing ride.


Where you will find experience inspiration. Our dream life journey shouldn’t consist of only hard work. Here you will find inspiration about things you can experience, places you can visit, and any travel tips I can get. Whether it be a secret local coffee shop, or a dream trip to your dream destination, here you will find tips to get inspired and take action!


Here you will find posts with my favorite styles and looks. They each come with a dreamer post, usually in the style of “coffee shop talk” where I talk to you and give you girly advice we all need to hear sometimes as if we were talking over coffee or tea.


To chase our dreams we need confidence, and we need to love ourselves. Here you will find anything beauty related wether its outside or inside beauty. Expect to find tips on skincare, wellness, and self-care tips for the occasional must have at home spa day.


Here you might find a few life updates, posts on monthly favorites and anything else that I want to share that doesn’t necessarily fit anyplace else.

I really do hope you stick around for your dreams, and if not that, for the dreamer community!


and in case you didn’t know….

My name is May. I suck at chasing my dreams, I give up easy, and I fear leaving my comfort zone. But that doesn’t stop me and it shouldn’t stop you either. We will be taking this leap together, no matter how broken our wings are, because I know God helps us soar even when we think we will fall.

Below you will find your Mayliving Starter Kit, and I suggest you download it and start putting your dreams first! Join this ride with me! Walk with me towards the finish line!


Happy Mayliving!