Traveling is always a wonderful way to take care of ourselves, but we don't always have to go so far away! Here are 5 places everyone needs to visit at least once a year to remember their why, their hows, and of course for a little peace of mind in the middle of a crazy, chaotic dreamer life !

I recently came back from a wonderful trip to a place completely different than my own. A place where I was able to shut the world off (and for that I am sorry, I havent posted here in forever) and a place where I could just be for a little bit without having to worry about much, other than the time I would wake up and what I would eat.

In a world where we are consumed with mostly unnecessary information, it can be very easy for us to get sucked in to too much. I realized that in the world we live in today, we need to get away every once in a while, and not only that, but we also need to visit places to understand where we are in life and what we need.

After coming back from this trip I was refreshed, like any other traveler, and I was ready to take on the world with fresh eyes. I was also able to realize that every dreamer needs to visit at least five places once a year and with good reason.

1. A Beach

Most of us aim to make it to a beach at least once a year and it’s a fantastic habit. Heck, if I didn’t live in New England I would be headed to the beach much more often than that, and not for the water and sun, but for the peace and serenity you get just by sitting by the beach. Feeling the breeze, putting your feet in the sand, touching the water brings a whole new way to relax. A way that where we don’t do much, a way that we simply sit and enjoy the beauty this world has to offer. Make sure you head to the beach when you are feeling overly stressed and remember that God is in control.

2. A Flower Farm 

Other than the natural beauty of a flower farm, flower farms are a perfect place to go for dreamers who do not have patience. When we visit a flower farm, and when we are faced with the endless beauty flowers bring, we are reminded that everything grows with patience. With this dreamer journey, it can be very easy to get discouraged and want to give up when we don’t see the results we want right away, but when we go to a flower farm we are reminded that the beautiful end product takes time. We must have patience to wait for our flowers to grow and fill our gardens or in this case, farms.

3. The Mountains

I’m not the biggest fan of hiking (I’m gonna be honest). Hiking is a lot of work, and there are bugs everywhere, and I get tired really easily from all that walking. Not to mention my fear of falling on rocks, and slip down a mountain and get hurt. Sounds a lot like our dreamer journey huh? (except the bugs part LOL). Hiking a mountain is a lot like chasing our dreams. It’s a long, tiring process. The top of the mountain is reached after you decide to take the first step, and after you decide, that after so many steps, it’s still worth the walk. A walk that makes you tired, but stronger. A walk that takes all that you have sometimes, but rewards you with the most spectacular view once you reach the top. Go hiking at least once a year, to be reminded that despite your tough journey towards your dreams and goals, the view at the end will all be worth it.

4. A Homeless Shelter 

Once we start chasing our dreams, results of our hard work with start to come around. We will be proud of what we accomplish, but we must never forget compassion and humility. We must always be reminded that for everything we achieve, we must reach out to the next one in line. Help the ones who stayed behind, help the ones who could not go on their own dreamer journeys. It is beautiful to reach our dreams, but it is more beautiful when we help others reach theirs. Visit a homeless shelter to remember compassion, and don’t ever let your dreamer journey take away your compassion or your humility.

5. Distant Friends or Family

On the trip I went, I was able to spend time with family I only see once every 3-5 years. It’s funny though, that when I am with distant family, I feel as if I am back to my childhood. I am able to reminisce on the ” good old days”. I go back to a simpler time and this gives me energy to keep fighting. At least once a year, take time to visit your “good old days” and if you never had good old days, then make new friends, meet new people, and create you new “good old days”.

Yes, traveling the world is fantastic, visiting new places, seeing a new world other than your own is beautiful, but always remember the reasons behind each trip. Make each trip memorable, in a way that can help you grow. Use each trip to learn something new, and to of course, help you get another step closer to your dreams.

If you can’t manage to go to any of these places for your dose of peace and self-care you can also find stress relief and self care tips HERE, HERE, and HERE.

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Take some time to explore the beauty around you, you don’t always have to go far to find it!