we fear failure cause we suck at succeeding, right? Nope. If you have been suckish at succeeding, at reaching your goals, at seeing your dreams come to life, come on it. This post is a must read for you, and it has a gift!

Attention: Short post ahead, because I missed you guys, and I just had to get something off my chest. Carry on.

As dream chasers, we might get stuck sometimes, things might not go our way, and quite frankly, we might fail. A fear a whole ton of dreamers have. But I’m here to remind you it’s all about the journey, it’s all about the steps you take, the choices you decide to go with, and the way you choose to get there. So, if like me, success takes a little longer to reach for you, and if you feel like you suck at succeeding then pay attention (insert clap meme):


  1. Your success is defined by you and only YOU.
  2. Embrace all that you are, always, everyday.
  3. It’s always a good idea to work the extra hour.
  4. Remember where you are headed, and where you were before.
  5. Celebrate it. The small accomplishment, the little detail, you did great.
  6. If you aren’t where you were yesterday, then you are already succeeding.
  7. If you are stuck in your yesterday, take action today, so you can see you tomorrow.
  8. Take one step today, that will get you closer to your goals.
  9. If you have to work harder, prove to yourself you’ve got it in you.
  10. Dreams take time, so be patient damn it.

Take these lessons into your heart, do with them what you will, but remember them. Remember that there is no such thing as sucking at succeeding. Your dreams are worth your patience, your grit, and your perseverance. Always remind yourself why.


-May, your Dreamer BFF

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