Dreaming is wonderful, but we rarely talk about the parts that aren't so great. In this post, we will talk about learning to love even the worst parts of dream chasing, and working towards our goals, because we all experience it and it can get hard not to want to give it all up!

I recently found myself hating where I was. Like seriously, hating the whole “not being there yet”, and honestly, the whole waiting game.

Dreaming has two super fun parts, and one suck-ish part, that just so happens to be the … keep reading

we fear failure cause we suck at succeeding, right? Nope. If you have been suckish at succeeding, at reaching your goals, at seeing your dreams come to life, come on it. This post is a must read for you, and it has a gift!

Attention: Short post ahead, because I missed you guys, and I just had to get something off my chest. Carry on.

As dream chasers, we might get stuck sometimes, things might not go our way, and quite frankly, we might … keep reading

Let's face it, creating the "best version of ourselves" can be one tough thing to accomplish, and quite frankly, staying right where we are can sound a whole lot better. If you started creating your best self, you know what I'm talking about and you know how hard it can be to stay consistent when trying to break the bad habits that you currently live by, while replacing them with new ones you've never tried before! If youve started and you have already thought about giving up, come along with me, Your dreamer BFF, and let's face this together, with tips on how to keep going!

We’ve seen all the blog posts. Watched all the youtube videos. Followed the routines of most successful people, because hey, we want a little in on the success too, right?

With Mayliving being all about “creating the best version of … keep reading

When our room is a mess, we avoid it until we can no longer see across the room, and then we clean it up. When our life is a mess, we avoid it until we lose all control, and then we get it together. If you don't know how to get it together, don't worry, I got your back! Here's the recipe for getting your life together, step by step, real easy peasy, come along!

You’re in a place you haven’t been in before, or maybe you have been here before.

The feeling of life not making any sense. The feeling of doing too much for nothing. The feeling that your life is no longer … keep reading

trying to cram everything in to our days can be overwhelming and totally less productive than you can imagine. If you are living an overpacked life while trying to follow your dreams, follow these steps to make sure you are making the best use of the limited time we have during the day! Click to read

From overpacked schedules to trying to stay sane, living your life while chasing your dream life can look a lot like a big pile of CRAZY!

You have your daily “must do’s” but you also have your dream life “must … keep reading

chasing our dreams always seem like a wonderful idea, almost too good to be true. We start to think we aren't cut out for dream chasing, and we begin to wonder if we ever will be. Here are 5 signs you need to look out for that show you my dear, are in fact, ready to chase your crazy wild dreams!

Being “ready” is a big old excuse for any dreamer dying to chase the things that make their hearts spark!

So if all you need to know is when you are ready to start chasing your dreams, here you go.… keep reading