chasing our dreams always seem like a wonderful idea, almost too good to be true. We start to think we aren't cut out for dream chasing, and we begin to wonder if we ever will be. Here are 5 signs you need to look out for that show you my dear, are in fact, ready to chase your crazy wild dreams!

Being “ready” is a big old excuse for any dreamer dying to chase the things that make their hearts spark!

So if all you need to know is when you are ready to start chasing your dreams, here you go.… keep reading

Traveling is always a wonderful way to take care of ourselves, but we don't always have to go so far away! Here are 5 places everyone needs to visit at least once a year to remember their why, their hows, and of course for a little peace of mind in the middle of a crazy, chaotic dreamer life !

I recently came back from a wonderful trip to a place completely different than my own. A place where I was able to shut the world off (and for that I am sorry, I havent posted here in forever) and … keep reading


the term self care has definitely gotten a bit overused, but I'm here to show you a self care guide that doesn't fall into the millennial self-care guide category. Come with me, and learn a new way to self-care.

Although I love my millennial self-care tips that you can find here on Mayliving and pretty much anywhere on the internet now, I recently got to experience a new kind of self care that I thought I could share … keep reading

Dream chasing can get tough, it can get discouraging especially if youve been swimming and haven't even gotten remotely closer to your island. This is for you, if youve gotten tired.

When you start swimming, you are strong, you are determined, and you feel like you can conquer the world. You have said goodbye to the shoreline behind you, and you face the waves ahead of you knowing that you just … keep reading

We all need a little pick me up every once in a while so I decided to share my favorite songs for the days I feel like quitting, and for the days where motivation to chase my dreams is far, far away.

It’s no secret that music is a huge part of our lives (at least its a big part of mine).

When it comes to surrounding ourselves with positivity and inspiration, I like to change up what I’m listening to so … keep reading

When you're not creative, it can be a little hard to fit into the "dreamer" stereotype, but im telling you, its possible!  Come find your non creative passions, and find out how you can chase those dreams too!

All the craze these days have been all about quitting your 9-5, starting an entrepreneurial endeavor, and thus becoming an “official” dreamer.

Dreamers have been stereotyped to be the people who want “freedom” and the people who want to work … keep reading